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Clients from Bruce & Grey Counties Thank Inside Ideas

Inside Ideas is always happy to receive feedback from our clients and community members.  check out some below or our reviews online.

Appreciation for Decorator’s Consultation


On behalf of Father Paul W. and other members of the parish council, I would like to thank you for your time and decorator’s consultation for St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Hepworth.


Joyce M.



Interior Decoration Talent & Knowledge

Dear Gail,

Thank you for all of your guidance and expertise. You are very talented at what you do, and I admire the breadth of your knowledge in interior decoration.


Sara N.



A Welcoming & Warm New Home

This is a special thanks for helping us make our dream home come true. Your guidance and advice on flooring, fireplace, etc. has really made a difference in helping us put things together effectively. And the paint selections…they are awesome! They create a welcoming and warm feeling. Everyone who visits us comments on the colours and how well they are coordinated throughout our home.


Thank you for your excellent customer responsiveness…coming out in the pouring rain and taking the initiative to find out what paint product Tom C. uses when doing the interior finishes. This helped me save a lot of time and effort by using the right paint product.


Your ability to determine your client’s needs, professionalism and customer responsiveness has made building a home in the Owen Sound area a rewarding experience.



Ev L.

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